Pass Plus with Tony

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Sion H

I heard about Tony through one of my friends who learnt to drive with him. He spoke highly of him and I could see why after my 1st lesson. He went through everything step by step ensuring that I understood it and was easier to do it with the instructions. Tony made the most out of every lesson making it value for money. He never cancelled a lesson and he made sure that I had a lesson once a week so that I was able to remember what happened in the previous lesson and improve on anything I wasn't completely sure about. Tony made learning to drive as easy and cost effective as possible in my opinion. He did not rush me so that I would be able to fully understand everything before my test and because of that I passed my test 1st time. I would recommend Tony to anyone that is learning to drive as he is a great instructor. Thanks Tony!

Sion H (May 2013)